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Tracy Alderson

Licensed and working in the real estate industry since 1982, I began my career on the commercial end of real estate, responsible for managing retail and commercial centers throughout California, as well as the sale and acquisition of those properties. For the past 25 years, my focus has been on representing residential properties for sale, as well as assisting buyers wishing to call San Gabriel Valley “home”.  I find real estate to be a wonderful blend of psychology, high finance, knowledge and organization., a fluid puzzle of changing goals, all directed by the needs and wants of my clients.  Each side of a real estate transaction has its own set of intricacies. Both ends require artful negotiations and a clear understanding of basic contract law, skills I first acquired in commercial real estate. In 2015, Pasadena Magazine named me Top Realtor of 2014.  In partnership with Susanne Hayek, the Alderson & Hayek team offers unparalleled representation, and a dynamic marketing plan that includes design and staging services.

Whether you are a seller contemplating a move, or a buyer looking for the home that best reflects your lifestyle, we can help you navigate all aspects of the sale/purchase process.

Susanne Hayek

For ten years as a real estate marketing entrepreneur, I provided photography, websites, virtual tours, re-design and staging of almost 10,000 homes. My experience gave me exposure to the many wonderful places to live in the San Gabriel Valley as well as good working relationships with hundreds of local agents.

Now as a licensed real estate agent, I am able to put those skills to use for the benefit of our clients. In partnership with Tracy Alderson, an agent with 30+ years of experience, we form an effective, results-oriented team.

My husband of 20 years, and I, raised two daughters in Arcadia and now live in Monrovia where we appreciate the city’s dynamic, business friendly climate balanced with pride in historic and natural preservation.

Owning a successful referral-dependent business has provided me with a simple formula for success: be competent, do what you say you will do, respond promptly to inquiries, be pleasant to work with and above all, be honest.